Authors: E. Alana James, Ed.D. and David Leasure PhD at DoctoralNet share this informative White Paper addressing Digital Intelligence for Postgraduate Education to improve administration and the student experience. Request the white paper here.

Read the paper and gain these key takeaways:
In order to develop rapidly…

  • Postgraduate education may be seemingly caught by unmovable situations, but does not have to be. It is time for thoughtful leadership to agilely implement effective and efficient student experiences based on digital intelligence.
  • Improvement starts with enhancing the student experience to be more clear, seamless, supportive-and- empowering while gathering rich information on the needs of students, faculty, and administrators.
  • To serve this vision, an agile and integrated system of digital intelligence is needed. One that builds a data profile: a) from recruiting through enrollment, retention, course work, and professional development; b) from entrance through graduation and on to employment and c) one that keeps in touch with alumni.

We appreciate the support and acknowledgment of Enrollment Rx to increase awareness about innovative CRM solutions for higher education from DoctoralNet in this comprehensive white paper and would like to give a shout out to UNLV for the reference to their fantastic webinar: Lifecycle CRMs: Using Technology to Improve the Graduate Experience and Empower Students. Learn more about Enrollment Rx’s suite of products and solutions, or check out our products on the AppExchange to get started today.