Integration Services

Integration Services

At Enrollment Rx, we know that many higher education institutions are struggling with limited integration between their CRM and other enterprise systems. In our experience, a deficient integration strategy typically result in two common problems for CRM success in Higher Education:

  • Delays during the initial CRM system implementation, pre-deployment
  • End-user frustration and mistrust, post-deployment

To meet this challenge, Enrollment Rx is pleased to offer Integration Rx; an unmatched integration solution that is designed, delivered, and maintained by the same team that provides the CRM system.

With Integration Rx, Enrollment Rx can deliver bi-directional integration between our clients’ Salesforce environments and their other enterprise applications such as Ellucian Banner & Colleague, Peoplesoft, Jenzabar, CampusVue etc. Integration Rx includes Enrollment Rx’s proprietary integration software, coupled with on-going integration managed services, which are designed to alleviate our clients’ often overtaxed IT department and close the loop on student data.

Enrollment Rx has launched our service to help ease the pressure on our clients who have limited technical resources, or simply prefer to let Enrollment Rx do the heavy lifting on integration. Either way, we always deliver our solution by our Salesforce savvy team, with seamless communication between our implementation and integration support personnel.

Integration Rx Key Features


Integrate any Database System with Salesforce

At Enrollment Rx we know that integrating Salesforce with other database systems is a major key to our clients’ success. We intimately understand the need for student lifecycle data to be closely tied across your enterprise software, and we provide direct integration with many of the popular cloud and on premise database systems including Banner, Colleague, PeopleSoft, Jenzabar, and many others.

Bi-directional, Real-time and Batch Integration Synchronization

Integration between Salesforce and other enterprise systems does not need to be a one-way street. At Enrollment Rx we understand that moving important data back into Salesforce in a timely manner means users have the freedom to manage relationships in a central CRM, with automatic data integration across systems, rather than getting bogged down managing multiple applications.

Native Database System API or Established Import Process

Our integration software, whenever possible, will employ vendor-provided open APIs, vendor or client provided database/system APIs, or vendor or client provided file import and export processes.

Customizable Matching and Duplicate-Checking Logic

Our integration software is easily customized to deliver powerful matching and duplicate-checking logic that can not only match existing logic but can easily be extended thereby eliminating existing limitations inherent in some systems.

Data Quality Governance Standards and Rules

At Enrollment Rx we know that maintaining data quality and abiding by institutional governance rules are a high priority for our clients. Our integration software is easily customized to validate and enforce the quality and standards you would expect from a seasoned integration partner.

Secure Integration Platform for On Premise and Cloud Based Apps

Integration Rx is built on the leading-edge Jitterbit Harmony platform. Client transactional data is never stored while it moves between Salesforce and any other application. Jitterbit employs industry-standard encryption, authentication and communication standards.