About Our Higher Education Admissions Software

Founded in 2008, Enrollment Rx is a higher education technology company that provides innovative cloud-based CRM solutions for educational institutions. At Enrollment Rx, we believe that institutions of higher education should have access to the same tools and technologies used by the world’s most successful companies and organizations. That is why Enrollment Rx delivers higher education admissions software products on the Salesforce platform that turn the world’s best CRM into an unmatched tool for recruitment, admission, decisions (R.A.D.) and much more. With the power of the Salesforce platform, Enrollment Rx provides a complete CRM solution for colleges of any size looking to streamline processes, increase enrollment, and make life easier for their end users and system administrators. Enrollment Rx provides implementation, integration, and training for both Salesforce and the Enrollment Rx products in a detailed and timely manner, with a practiced and proven scope-of-work. Enrollment Rx is the CRM solution for any college or university looking to use the world’s best technology for an integral part of their business: recruitment, admission, and decisions. Be RAD!

Who We Are

Enrollment Rx is focused exclusively on CRM for higher education. Most of the Enrollment Rx team including implementation, integration, support, and sales teams have years of first-hand experience working in higher education. We speak the language of higher education and admission. Our extensive experience translates into an array of higher education admissions software solutions that have been successfully deployed at all types of educational institutions both domestic and abroad. We know the problems faced in the world of college admission. We understand technical and operational pain points. We’ve recruited students, reviewed applications, managed admission staffs, led new system integrations, and strived to maintain and increase enrollment numbers. Our team knows the problems you face, and we know how to fix them.

At Enrollment Rx, we believe that the recipe for CRM
success starts with our three Ps:


Built on the world’s leading CRM PLATFORM from Salesforce,
Enrollment Rx delivers innovative PRODUCTS with a team of PEOPLE who bring extensive knowledge of higher education and best practices in recruitment, admission, and decisions (R.A.D.).