Lifecycle CRMs: Using Technology to Improve the Graduate Experience and Empower Students

Are outdated technologies and inefficient processes hampering your strategic GEM (Graduate Enrollment Management) efforts? Are you looking for ways to easily deliver personalized messaging, provide support to graduate faculty, and better manage the data? We will share first-hand experiences of how the Graduate College at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas has partnered with Enrollment Rx, Salesforce, and KIRA to boost recruitment efforts, admissions processes, student progression and completion, and to empower students, while providing expanded tracking, data reporting, and more efficient processes for faculty and staff.

Automate Data Integration

What would you do with an additional 40 hours per week? Hear how Saint Louis University saved an estimated 40 hours per week by implementing data integration tools with their Student Information System and CRM to facilitate the import of third party data to build their recruitment funnel. A few examples of third party data integration include the Common Application, standardized test scores (ACT, SAT, TOEFL, GRE), and the FAFSA. Learn how Saint Louis University significantly reduced the time to import third party data, improved responsiveness to student inquiries and reduced duplicate records within their databases.

Portals Made Easy

Using an easy-to-use design tool, you can deliver branded, personalized student portals and sites without all of the complex coding on the back end. Join us to see several real-life examples of student portals built with drag-and-drop configuration. Watch as we configure settings and look-and-feel in real time without writing a single line of code!

Using CRM to Automate Prospective Student Engagement & Recruitment at Community Colleges

Are fragmented, inefficient admissions processes and outdated technology limiting your ability to track student progress through the enrollment funnel? Are you concerned about students falling through the cracks? Are you looking for ways to deliver personalized recruitment messaging as well as manage the data with customizable staff dashboards? You are not alone.

Listen in to a panel discussion with Pima Community College as they share their experience using Salesforce to boost enrollments, improve engagement, and track their students. Hear how they’re measuring outcomes through automating workflows, creating successful communication campaigns, and rethinking previous business processes.

CRM Event Management Made Simple: Using the Enrollment Rx Student Visit Tool

The Event Rx tool maximize your ability to manage events, track invitations, registrations and student schedules.

Product Key Features

  • Drag and drop configuration of event registration web pages
  • Campus visit itinerary builder
  • Email and print visitor itineraries
  • Intuitive calendars for scheduling and managing visit days and their activities
  • QR codes for event check-in
  • Customized messaging
  • Event waitlist functionality
  • Lightning ready and mobile friendly

Admissions Best Practices Using CRM to Improve Enrollment Management

Now widely recognized for its ability to efficiently track and manage relationships with all constituents, CRM drives fast, informed decision making and supports the best possible student experience. Learn how to:

  • Navigate the CRM landscape to select the right system
  • Identify CRM features that can make an immediate impact on operations
  • Create CRM best practices to leverage data
  • Promote and automate student communication with prospective students
  • Use data analytics to manage student relationships
  • Communicate with prospects in new ways to convert more applicants to students

Enrollment Rx Import Rx - Loading data into Salesforce

Our Import Rx tool supercharges your data import capabilities, allowing you to effortlessly import large volumes of related records into Salesforce from any number of sources.

Configure Import Rx only one time, using drag-and- drop capabilities to map your source data into any collection of related Salesforce objects.

Product Key Features

  • Easily import, update, and upsert data across multiple objects as one process
  • Create/save field mapping templates for specific vendors (e.g., ACT, SAT, Common App, GMASS, GRE, Medical and Law School Applications, etc.)
  • Create and define data transformations as part of any import process
  • Reduce data duplication with configurable rules and fuzzy logic
  • Compatible with any standard or custom object
  • 100% native to Salesforce

Admissions Best Practices Using CRM to Turn Data into Relationships

Join Enrollment Rx client, Ohio University’s HCOM, as they share admissions best practices on how they automated workflow to communicate more effectively with applicants.

Jill Harman, Director of Admissions at Ohio University’s Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine elaborates that “Turning Data into Relationships” – is about selecting those students who are a good fit for your institution. Speed and accuracy are of the essence, and Enrollment Rx offered the perfect platform to allow them to collect information on students and respond to them in a timely manner to personalize the entire experience.