Are fragmented, inefficient admissions processes and outdated technology limiting your ability to track student progress through the enrollment funnel? Are you concerned about prospects falling through the cracks? Are you looking for ways to deliver personalized recruitment messaging that keep students engaged? You are not alone.


Managing the application process can be time-consuming and frustrating for both prospective students and institutions. We recognize the need for intuitive, easy-to-use tools that simplify that process and make applying to your institution less daunting. Enrollment Rx solutions streamline the admission process while remaining flexible enough to make changes as needed. Our self-service applicant portals provide students with a one-stop-shop to apply, track their progress, and learn more about the institution. Enrollment Rx admissions tools provide innovative solutions that help institutions reduce application cycle times.


Very often, the review process and scoring requirements may differ based on criteria such as program, applicant type, or reviewer type, to name a few. Enrollment Rx recognizes the need for flexibility in creating and altering dynamic application reading experiences, as well as supporting complex approval processes that go into the review of all different types of applications. With Enrollment Rx products, institutions can say goodbye to paper files and spreadsheets and focus on the content of a student’s application, which can be reviewed on a digital device.


The Enrollment Rx events solution delivers rich event management functionality for higher education. Easily track participants from sign-up through attendance and follow-up with post-event reporting. Manage events of all sizes from campus-wide open houses to individual daily visits all with straightforward “clicks-not-code” functionality.


When it comes to data, Enrollment Rx and Salesforce have got you covered. Firstly, educational institutions regularly need to import large volumes of data into their CRM systems from many types of sources such as test scores, search lists, and third-party applications. Enrollment Rx once again provides solutions that help institutions easily manage the mapping and distribution of data into Salesforce, as well as the transformation and de-duplication logic that is part of each data import. Of course, once the data is in Salesforce, the platform together with Enrollment Rx provides best-of-breed reporting and dashboard capabilities with real-time configurable components.


Managing communication within a CRM is a key piece to strategic enrollment management. Enrollment Rx leverages Salesforce’s own multi-channel marketing platforms, Pardot and Marketing Cloud, to deliver the communication solution that best fits your institution. Enrollment Rx partners with some of the best communication vendors in the Salesforce ecosystem to provide a comprehensive suite of communication tools to facilitate and manage your constituents.


The Enrollment Rx integration team has years of experience providing bi-directional integration with a wide variety of Student Information Systems and other enterprise applications. Enrollment Rx integration services can be customized to fit your institution’s specific needs and remove the burden of integration from your IT team.