Enrollment Rx Core™

Management of complex
student engagement starts here.


Reader Rx™

Simplification of the application
review process starts here.


Events Rx™

Personalization of student relationship
management starts here.


Portal Rx™

Centralization of student
interaction starts here.


Import Rx™

Transformation of the import
process starts here.


Integration Rx™

Integration of enterprise
data starts here.


Telecenter Rx™

Outbound call center
management starts here.

Enrollment Rx Core


Enrollment Rx Core

erx_products_erxcoreEnrollment Rx Core is our base enrollment management product supporting the major functions of the CRM. Our Enrollment Rx Core product provides administrative staff with the ability to manage the CRM with ‘clicks not code’ through our admin panel and minimizes the need for internal IT support of the product.

Key Features

  • Manage complex prospective student engagement
  • Facilitate multiple applications
  • Administer dynamic checklist items and touch-points
  • Manage education history, test scores and recommendations
  • Highly configurable admin panel to control numerous triggers and conditions
  • Longitudinal enrollment analytics


Reader Rx

Reader Rx

erx_products_readerrxReader Rx simplifies the application review process by enabling multiple reviewers to view, comment on and score applications online. Rather than tracking down a paper file, multiple reviewers in different locations can access a centralized digital file on their device of choice. This leads to improved collaboration and significant time and cost savings.

Key Features

  • Simplifies the application review process
  • Easily review all application materials from a single screen
  • Securely comment and score applications online
  • Accessible centralized digital file from any location
  • Mobile friendly
Events Rx

Events Rx

erx_products_eventsrxManaging student events can be a time consuming and cumbersome process without the right tools. More importantly, your online event management tools all speak to the student’s first impression of your institution and have a direct impact on your campus visit and yield rates.

Enrollment Rx recognizes the importance and value of having an easy-to-use, mobile friendly event management tool as part of your Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) solution. Built on the Salesforce cloud computing platform, the Events Rx tool maximizes your ability to manage events, track invitations, registrations, and student visits.

Key Features

  • Drag and drop configuration of event registration web pages
  • Campus visit itinerary builder
  • Email and print visitor itineraries
  • An intuitive calendar to schedule and manage visit days and their activities
  • QR codes for event check-in
  • Customized messaging
  • Event waitlist functionality
  • Lightning ready and mobile friendly
Portal Rx

Portal Rx

First impressions count. Prospective students are interacting with your website before they interact with you. So make the first interaction count. When done right, your online student experience can keep students coming back for a true self-service experience. Statistics prove that students not only want, but expect, their school to offer mobile-ready, self-service communication tools.

Enrollment Rx excels at delivering online applicant portals on the Salesforce Community Cloud. Portal Rx delivers a personalized web experience that creates that coveted 1:1 relationship between you and your students. Fully customizable and branded to your institution, our portal displays personalized content based on the status of the constituent’s relationship with your school, required documents, activity history, and the student’s interest and needs -- all in a centralized environment that reflects your institution’s branding, style and voice.

Key Features

  • Personalized content based on status, term and program
  • Real-time applicant checklists with statuses and requirements
  • Centralized source for engagement and relationship management
  • Dynamic links, events and related information
Import Rx

Import Rx

erx_products_importrxThe old fashioned way of importing data into Salesforce is cumbersome and requires multiple steps. Administrators are forced to import each target object’s data separately, requiring them to perform the same steps multiple times.

With the Enrollment Rx Import Rx tool the painful multi-step import problem is solved!

Our Import Rx tool supercharges your data import capabilities, allowing you to effortlessly import large volumes of related records into Salesforce from any number of sources, such as higher education search lists and test scores, 3rd party application data, alumni donor lists, active student populations, and business contacts, just to name a few.

Key Features

  • Easily import data across multiple objects
  • Create/save field mapping templates for specific vendors, such as: ACT, SAT, Common App, GRE, Medical and Law School, etc.
  • Create and define data transformations
  • Reduce data duplication
  • Use for standard or custom objects
  • 100% native to Salesforce
  • Lightning Ready
Integration RX

Integration Rx

erx_products_integrationrxIntegration Rx delivers bi-directional integration between our clients’ Salesforce environments and their other enterprise applications such as Banner, Colleague, PeopleSoft, Jenzabar, CampusVue, etc. Integration Rx includes Enrollment Rx’s proprietary integration software, coupled with on-going integration managed services, which are designed to alleviate our clients’ often overtaxed IT department and close the loop on student data.

Key Features

  • Integration of any database system with Salesforce
  • Bi-directional, real-time and batch integration synchronization
  • Native database system API or established import process
  • Customizable matching and duplicate-checking logic
  • Data quality governance standards and rules
  • Secure integration platform for on premise and cloud based apps
Telecenter RX

Telecenter Rx

erx_products_telecenterrxTelecenter Rx provides your call teams with call queues and scripts, tracks outbound calls with reports and dashboards, and integrates with your existing telecommunications system.

Key Features

  • Creates dynamic calling queues for your outbound calling teams
  • Offers an Intuitive, customizable user experience
  • Provides embedded call scripts for a multitude of campaigns
  • Offers standard call objection responses
  • Delivers call wrap-up process
  • Documents outbound call actions and communications