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How to be R.A.D. on Salesforce

What does “Salesforce for Recruitment, Admissions, and Decisions” need to include? CRM adoption in higher ed continues to escalate as an increasing number of schools seek a new CRM system for recruitment and admissions. With [...]

What is R.A.D.?

At Enrollment Rx, we like to think of ourselves as the RAD company with the R.A.D. solution. What do we mean by R.A.D.? It stands for Recruitment, Admission, Decisions...on Salesforce. Enrollment Rx is focused on [...]

How Can Community Colleges Put Students First?

Community colleges need to adopt a single Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) software strategy to engage with prospective students and create pathways to success across the entire lifecycle — from their very first point of contact all the way to their first day of class, and beyond. [...] Read More

Your Incoming Class is Like an Ice Cream Cone

Your incoming class is like an ice cream cone…if you don’t constantly monitor it from every angle, it melts. Institutions that maintain a personalized connection with incoming students throughout the enrollment journey are the ones most likely to consistently yield a high start rate and enjoy a great first day of school. [...] Read More

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