Perfect Storm is Brewing for Making 2015 Your Banner Year for Focusing on Relationships and Retention

2014 was a painful year for many higher education institutions due to the drop in enrollment from its peak in 2011. The Census Board reported that in 2013 enrollment dipped a half million students from 2012, marking a two year decline in enrollment. While this dip hit two year colleges the hardest, a number of four year institutions missed their enrollment goals and some colleges closed their doors.

The most at risk colleges are institutions that are more dependent on tuition revenue for their survival. However, enrollment experts believe there are clear and manageable steps higher education institutions can take to improve their enrollment outlook for 2015 and beyond. If you’ve put off streamlining new student outreach, retention and relationship building with improved systems and processes, it’s definitely time to dust off those plans in 2015. Below are three areas to focus on:<