Many colleges and universities use CRM to manage recruitment and admissions. However, too many are limited by their ability to make changes to the system due to the technical rigidity of their enterprise software. Because operational staff are unable to make the changes to the system, the full value that the institution was hoping to get from their college admission management software is limited. However, with a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) system, enterprise software becomes composable. It empowers the operational administrators to rapidly create user interfaces that effectuate functionality with mouse clicks, rather than requiring software development.

When the college admission management software is combined with configurable user interfaces (UI), applicant experiences can be highly personalized and dynamic due to the software logic being composable by enrollment experts, rather than by developers. With DXP, colleges and universities finally have the ability to experiment with different user experiences (UX), and can make changes on the fly to any portion of the applicant process.

Modern college admission management software should include configurable UIs for all constituent types, including prospects and applicants, but also recommenders, employers, and parents, just to name a few. The functionality should extend across the student experience, including event registration, portal experiences, recommendation forms, and infinite other examples.

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