Recently, the news has included a couple of universities that mistakenly communicated significant scholarship opportunities to new applicants, thus costing the schools millions in lost revenue, or at a minimum, negative press. It so happens that both institutions were in the middle of new higher education enrollment software implementations, seemingly with insufficient training resulting in human error. While it is not possible to eliminate human error, it is important to minimize it as much as possible by properly preparing the administrator users to control the system and avoid mistakes. We cannot help but wonder if these institutions would have chosen a solution that affords a thorough deployment with proper training, documentation, and responsive support, perhaps these unfortunate errors would not have occurred.

So, what is the real cost of higher education enrollment software for these two institutions? In both cases, these errors have resulted in millions of dollars in costs or lost revenue, which obliterates any initial savings that they perceived at purchase. Higher education enrollment software is an important enterprise system that requires a practiced and thorough implementation by people who specialize in the space.

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