When seeking to expand CRM for Higher Education across the student lifecycle, many schools want to deploy software solutions to address student success. While this is an excellent idea and a worthwhile investment, it is important to recognize that it can only be effective if the proper systems integration strategy is in place. The reason, of course, is that the CRM for Higher Education system does not initially contain any of the pertinent data necessary to engage in an effective student retention program.

Typically, it is the Student Information System (SIS) that will contain the relevant information for student success. However, the SIS is often unable to do anything with that information. Through the proper integration, student data can be brought into the CRM for Higher Education system and made actionable by the automations and notifications that are inherent in the system.

What type of data is important to track for student success in CRM for Higher Education? While this is not a comprehensive list, the following data points are measurable indicators of student success: