The phrase “safety third” is the idea that one’s enthusiasm for action is worth cutting corners on certain safety guarantees, often resulting in reckless outcomes. Sadly, this mentality is not limited to the “Hold My Beer” crowd alone.  Some universities and colleges seem to suffer from the same limited perception when selecting CRM for university admissions.

Seeing too many schools initially chosen poorly has caused Enrollment Rx to come up with a saying of oiur own: “We Don’t Always Win the First Time, but We Always Win the Last Time”. It is an all too common tale for prospective clients to evaluate the market and choose to go in a different direction from Enrollment Rx.

Why Do We (Initially) Lose?

#1 – “You’re Too Expensive. We Can’t Afford You”

Prospective clients perceive Enrollment Rx to be more expensive than competing solutions. Clients later realize that the competing solution requires far more resources than anticipated to deploy.  For example, 1 to 2 years later, the system is still not fully deployed or additional staff was hired to support the solution. What is the opportunity cost of not having a fully functional CRM for university admissions?

#2 – “You’re a space shuttle. We need a bicycle.”

Some prospective clie