In the ever-evolving universe of higher education, admissions departments are constantly reviewing the fields of information that are collected on their applications and making decisions about how best to accommodate every program’s changing needs. Perhaps the business school needs to collect a particular set of fields for its applicants. Or perhaps changing privacy laws in Europe require a modification that only affects EMEA applicants.

In many cases, admissions departments wait a whole year to submit their requested changes for the applicant portal. Any requests that are not submitted by a certain deadline must wait for the next cycle, typically many months in the future. Of course, the reason for the stringent process is that legacy software systems require extensive software development in order to accommodate the logic and complexity that typically governs the data model experience for each applicant.

But what if we could waive a wand and skip over all the software development and concrete logic that needs to be hardwired into those legacy systems? What if we could empower the operational adm