Is the customer experience (CX) at the heart of your customer relationship management (CRM) system?

By now, most institutions have realized the need for dedicated software systems for university admissions, namely CRM for higher education. Still, far too many CRMs for higher education gloss over the “customer experience”, or in the case of higher education, the front-end pages for applicants, students, alumni, parents, donors, recommenders, employers and partners, to name a few. Registration forms are forced to become one-size-fits-all, unable to accommodate complexity and dynamism. Portals similarly suffer from a lack of personalization and often require supplemental processes. Changes and modifications to these systems are the real problem in that they typically require significant software development effort and support.

The most often overlooked problem is the degree of control operational and non-IT staff members have over the creation and maintenance of these constituent experiences. When selecting a new CRM for higher education, how much emphasis should be placed on the CX