What does “Salesforce for Recruitment, Admissions, and Decisions” need to include?

CRM adoption in higher ed continues to escalate as an increasing number of schools seek a new CRM system for recruitment and admissions. With so many choices available, what considerations should a school look for in a comprehensive CRM solution for enrollment management?

The following list represents the elements that are critical for a best-of-breed CRM solution for managing Recruitment, Admissions, and Decisions (R.A.D.).

  • Recruitment
  • Admissions
  • Events
  • Data
  • Communications
  • Integration

The system needs to meet the needs of the recruitment team. This includes functionality that can support unlimited inquiry forms, track and score multiple lead sources, and measure relationships with feeder schools and organizations. In admissions, the system needs to support a completely dynamic applicant portal experience on the front end and support complex decision and approval processes on the back end. Of course, the system also needs to include all event information, effortlessly support importing data from any data source (such as ACT, SAT, CommonApp etc.), and deliver the greatest communication capabilities in the market. Finally, when that is all done, the CRM should integrate with other enterprise systems to support li