Salesforce is the #1 CRM platform in the world and many colleges and universities are seeking to adopt it for recruitment and admissions. At Enrollment Rx, we have been studying this subject exclusively since 2008 and have helped over 100 institutions successfully deploy Salesforce for admissions.

The Salesforce platform provides many pathways to customization and deployment when utilizing it as a higher education admissions software system.

Custom Implementation
Many schools choose to custom implement a solution on Salesforce, because it appears to initially be the cheapest option, only to find themselves mired in an endless project months later. Enrollment Rx has helped many clients find their way out of a failed custom deployment. A custom-built implementation of Salesforce leads to unknown risks and is tantamount to building one’s own car from spare parts rather than buying a well-engineered automobile from a professional car company.

The “R.A.D.” Solution
Enrollment Rx likes to say that we transform Salesforce into the system for recruitment, admissions, and decisions (R.A.D.). We do so by deploying our products that are built on Salesforce and are designed specifically as higher education admissions software.

We have learned that the following elements are critical to success when utilizing S