Retention Management is a very hot topic in the Higher Ed CRM landscape, as many institutions are wondering how best to utilize technology to improve student engagement, identify “at-risk” criteria, and improve retention strategies.  Enrollment Rx speaks to many higher ed institutions who are seeking a single CRM platform that can support the entire student lifecycle, from first inquiry to last contact, including flexible retention management functionality that can accommodate various needs of different institutions and students.

Recently, launched the Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) package, which is designed to be a uniformed object model upon which all of the Salesforce higher ed partners can deliver their products and services.  The powerful HEDA structure is designed to ensure a future-proof architecture that the higher ed community can rely on to work well with most Salesforce partners’ approach to higher education.

Enrollment Rx is impressed by the tremendous acceleration that HEDA brings to retention management in higher education. HEDA as it stands today, provides a solid data model upon which clients can architect a customized retention management CRM.  By leveraging the HEDA objects, including:  Courses, Course Offerings,