Schiller Park, IL — August 2, 2016 — Enrollment Rx, the leading provider of cloud-based Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) solutions for higher education, today announced that Central Wyoming College(CWC) has selected Enrollment Rx to automate admissions processes. Facing declining enrollment numbers and budget restrictions, the community college is implementing the new CRM under a broader recruitment strategy to be more proactive, consistent and efficient when communicating with applicants and students. With Enrollment Rx in place, CWC will be more efficient in how they serve students, setting the foundation to increase engagement and improve yield rates.

A two-year community college with multiple campuses across Wyoming, CWC faculty and staff are committed to delivering an exceptional college experience to every student. Previously, CWC used antiquated recruiting software in conjunction with an abundance of spreadsheets and Google sheets – disparate systems that made it difficult to “connect the dots” and determine why a student was attracted to the school. Following hours of demos with several vendors, CWC selected the cloud-based CRM and applicant portal from Enrollment Rx to automate processes and enable the economy of scale for every applicant to receive the best experience possible.

“All of the things that we struggled with in terms of keeping track of a student record have now come together in a single system with Enrollment Rx,” said Patrick Edwards, Director of Admissions at Central Wyoming College. “It quickly became evident that Enrollment Rx offers a tremendous amount of untapped potential that we hadn’t thought of previously. Other products we looked at lacked that capability unless we added on another module, and more expense.”

Enrollment Rx will serve as a strategic technology platform to help the Admissions and Marketing teams determine what the ideal CWC student looks like and inform how to better pursue and meet the needs of those students. Different departments will rely on the CRM and the branded portal to share a consistent message across digital channels and communicate more effectively to improve con