How should colleges and universities approach the decision of selecting the best Higher Education Enrollment Software for their institutions?

As developers of Higher Education Enrollment Software since 2008, Enrollment Rx has certainly given the matter considerable thought, and we have come to the following conclusions:

Select a future proof platform

The software industry offers highly established CRM platform providers in the space that can ensure longevity of the technology, as well as a wide berth of partner solutions that integrate with the platform. These platforms further provide the benefit of consolidating future CRM initiatives onto one single platform, eliminating data silos, and leveraging existing and available administrative knowledge and skills.

Select a proven product

While CRM platforms are limitless in development potential, many schools would rather spend their time enrolling more students versus building Higher Education Enrollment Software from scratch. Therefore, it is important to select the best products that provide for “clicks not code” configurations, admin training, and ongoing upgrades.

Be RAD with Enrollment Rx

At Enrollment Rx, we build Higher Education Enrollment Software solutions for recruitment, admissions, and decisions on Salesforce. We call that RAD! Our solutions can be installed into any new or existing Salesforce environment, and we provide a dedicated, hands-on implementation. Our team has deep higher education and Salesforce experience and our client su