Thousands of users around the globe rely on Enrollment Rx’s platform as an integral part of their daily operations. We offer flexible CRM solutions to support any type of undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education program across various types of institutions.

Our customers run the gamut of higher education institutions, ranging from:

  • Large Universities

  • Community Colleges

  • Top Business Schools

  • Special Focus Institutions

  • Private Sector Universities

  • Adult Learning Programs

  • And many more...

Most CRM products only cater to certain types of colleges and universities; they offer limited flexibility and capacity to accommodate variations across undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education programs.

However, Enrollment Rx is transforming higher education CRM. Whether it’s automating operations in one department, centralizing cloud-based CRM across multiple campuses, or instituting consistent CRM processes across the full student lifecycle, Enrollment Rx has the solutions to get you there.

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