Are fragmented, inefficient admissions processes and outdated technology limiting your ability to track student progress through the enrollment funnel? Are you concerned about prospects falling through the cracks? Are you looking for ways to deliver personalized recruitment CRM messaging as well as manage the data with customizable staff dashboards?

You are not alone.

Inquiry Forms

Online request for more information about your institution that allows for prospective students to request more information and allow you to react to that student in real time.

Touch Points

Allows you to track student interaction with your communication and marketing to access student involvement and get a ROI on your campaign strategies.

Lead Scoring

Determine which students are expressing the most interest in your institution with a lead score that allows your admission team to engage first with the students that “keep raising their hand”.

Recruitment Schools

With our recruitment CRM school tracking tables you can keep a rolodex of the other institutions, businesses, and organizations that you partner with for prospective students. Now you can not only track these 3rd party entities but also tie events and number of leads from these groups to determine your best and most effective relationship organizations.

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