Managing communication within a CRM is a key piece to strategic enrollment management. Enrollment Rx has partnered with some of the best communication vendors in the market to provide a comprehensive suite of communication tools to facilitate and manage your constituents. Whether you want to use one or multiple modes of communication, Enrollment Rx supports your needs directly or through our partnerships with various means of effective communication with your prospective students.


Individual and/or mass email marketing is by far the predominant communication tool in today’s higher education market. It is easy to use and yields a low cost per send ratio. However, many emails are ignored because of over saturation. We will help you re-think email usage with our email automation tools and dynamic email templates. In addition, you can track open rates and perform email A/B testing to make sure your message is on point. Learn more about our partner Salesforce Pardot now.


In addition to email, SMS text messaging has its place in your overall communication strategy. SMS allows you to send a communication that will be read in in real-time. Through our partner Screen Magic you can have both inbound and outbound texts as well as long and short code to deliver timely messages to your prospective students.


While print might seem old school, a quality print piece still has its place in your overall recruitment strategy. Through our partnership with Conga Composer the CRM can queue your print jobs and track the print piece as part of your communication plan.


Enrollment Rx has created a proprietary Telecenter module to supplement your other student outreach tools. Our custom built Telecenter Rx product provides a calling dashboard, call queues, and scripts for your call teams. In addition, track outbound calls and success with reports and dashboards that provide you metrics to determine your success.