The tracking and management of an application can be time-consuming and frustrating for both prospective students and institutions. We recognize the need for intuitive, easy-to-use tools to better equip institutions with application tracking and management, as well as to provide student self-service opportunities resulting in a better overall student experience. The Enrollment Rx admissions tools supplement your Student Information System (SIS) and enable your institution to experience a significant reduction in application cycle times.

Applicant Portal

Student window into their admission process that allows the student to self-serve when completing an application or checking their admission status. Learn more about our Applicant Portal solution here.

Application Management

Once the application is started, your admission teams can check progress toward completion through a status bar. Track trends and individual applications from start to finish to move student through the admission process quickly.

Checklist Requirements

Students will have visibility into their specific requirement for application based on their program or start term. The dynamic checklist requirement reduces admission cycle time, improves the student application experience and reduces calls and emails to your office.

Application Review

Once the application is submitted, a review dashboard will pull all the required information and associated documents into a single view for your admission and faculty review teams to quickly and easily evaluate applications. Learn more about our Applicant Review solution here.

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