Our Customers Say it Best

Phenomenal Implementation Service

“The Enrollment Rx team was phenomenal with our implementation. Our project lead was always quick to respond and very organized when it came to keeping us on track and tailoring things to our institution’s needs. Enrollment Rx truly gets to know their clients and their unique circumstances and that is why their level of service stands out.”

– Director of Admissions – University of Wisconsin, Superior (Superior, WI)

Single Application, Personalized Data

“We realized our admissions application process was confusing to our applicants, requiring us to restructure our data and rebuild the application. FormBuilder Rx by Enrollment Rx enabled us to easily build the application to the specifications requested, with logic that allowed us to create a single application for both domestic and international applicants. Now applicants are guided through questions that are relevant only to them minimizing confusion and providing a pleasant user experience.”

– Student System Support Coordinator – Portland Community College (Portland, OR)

Stellar Support, Accurate Data

“Implementing a complex CRM system like Salesforce was an overwhelming endeavor with a lean staff. Enrollment Rx bridged the gap between our unique needs and the technical structure of the platform, with an easy-to-use solution tailored for higher education. The implementation and support teams were instrumental in a smooth and timely transition and put our minds at ease through the process. We are confident that our data is accurate, and our admission process is running efficiently.”

– Admissions Manager, Graduate Business Programs – Portland State University School of Business (Portland, OR)

Delivers Results, Out of the Box

“The product line from Enrollment Rx allowed us to use Salesforce right out of the box, greatly reducing the cost and time associated with a custom build solution. While the product line is great, I am continually impressed with the people and support behind the products that take time to troubleshoot, listen to customer input, and deliver the results we are looking for.”

– Salesforce Administrator – Dordt University (Sioux Center, IA)

Exceptional CRM Management, Optimal Student Experience

“We have been partnering with Enrollment Rx since 2015, their products have allowed us to have more control of our CRM. We have been able to pull data in real time; reports that used to take us one to two weeks to create we can now retrieve with a click of a button. When application changes need to be made, we can make these easily and quickly without having to wait for the next deployment cycle. Our student experience has increased as they have better access to their application, application status, and knowing what the next steps are.”

– Director of Operations/Business Systems Analyst – Trinity Western University (Langley, British Columbia, Canada)

Expansive Abilities, Tailored For Higher Ed

“When we were looking for the best CRM solution for our university, we were immediately impressed with the expansive abilities of the Salesforce platform. Partnered with the Enrollment Rx products that tailored the platform for higher education, and enabled us to get up and running in record time, we are truly becoming a connected campus.”

– VP for Enrollment Management & Business Intelligence – Wingate University (Wingate, NC)

Read more of the Enrollment Rx and Wingate University story here.

Single Software Solution, High Quality Service

“Partnering with Enrollment Rx has allowed us to deliver a higher quality of service to our applicants. We have minimized the number of systems used in the application reading process from three different software systems to a single software solution. The portal functionality is a game changer, with real-time visibility to applicant data, generation of electronic personalized decision letters, and more enabling us to provide stellar service and support to our applicants.”

– Director, Enrollment Management Services – Lehigh University (Bethleham, PA)

Data-Driven Efficiency

“The Enrollment Rx team has been an outstanding, flexible, supportive, and innovative partner — never facing challenges with a “no, we can’t do that” and always working with us to find a way to build a system that suits our needs and our wishes! The Enrollment Rx product capabilities create an incredible experience for our prospects, applicants, and students, as well as an efficient, data-driven, and easy back-end process for our Graduate College team and our faculty partners in each graduate program. This is a game changer for us, and Enrollment Rx has been the partner we needed to make it all happen.”

– Dean of the Graduate College – University of Nevada, Las Vegas (Las Vegas, NV)

Scalable Transparency

“The fact that we can now report what we need to report has been our biggest source of happiness. The Enrollment Rx system built on Salesforce is like the brain – we’re probably using less than ten percent of it and there is so much opportunity to grow.”

– Associate Director for Operations- Saint Louis University (St. Louis, MO)

Flexibility & Adaptability

Enrollment Rx gave us the structure to match the higher ed model we were going for with the flexibility to mold the platform as much as needed to fit squarely with our needs. The flexibility we have has been a breath of fresh air. We can quickly adapt to changing dynamics while creating a fresh and interesting experience for students that drives a higher level of engagement.”

– Senior Associate Director of Graduate Enrollment Management & Marketing- Temple University Fox School of Business (Philadelphia, PA)

Drives Student Engagement

“Salesforce is helping us process more applications faster while also increasing our funnel conversions. This was most noticeable during our busy travel season where submitted app-to-admit rates have historically been lowest. However, this year materials continued to come in, even when counselors were not directly involved. This immediacy helped maintain student enthusiasm, drive visitors, and reduce workload on our team. As a bonus, Pardot is also helping keep our prospective students involved in the process and drive workflows for our counselors as they prioritize their work.”

– Associate Director of Strategy & Recruitment – Dordt University (Sioux Center, IA)

Tailored Product Features

“FormBuilder by Enrollment Rx has allowed us to take complete control of our University Admission Application and the Portal experience for our applicants. With tailored features, we now can use any field on a Contact or Application record to determine the messaging and branding we want our potential students to see. It also has a built-in versioning system which allows us to test new features in our production environment and choose when our potential students see the new features. FormBuilder has proven to be an effective way to manage our Community.”

– Business Systems Analyst – Trinity Western University (Langley, BC, Canada)

Flawless Integration

“Enrollment Rx did a great job of getting us up and running. We are a demanding client with a lot of specialized needs that tested their team on many occasions. Enrollment Rx’s product allows us the freedom to build custom processes… Integration is always the most challenging aspect of new software and Enrollment Rx made it come together flawlessly.”

– Director of Admissions – University of Alaska, Anchorage (Anchorage, AK)

Cloud-Based Innovation

“We were impressed with Enrollment Rx’s understanding of our business and their level of engagement to help us achieve our goals of simplifying the admissions process, creating an amazing student experience and helping our staff be more efficient.  … Enrollment Rx knows what modern software should look like and they’ve built a cloud-based CRM solution that provides the flexibility and quality user experience that outshine so many clunky, out-of-date solutions available today.”

– Director of Graduate Admissions – Babson College’s F. W. Olin Graduate School of Business (Wellesley, MA)

Highly Personalized

“Enrollment Rx has allowed our staff to work smarter, not harder, which means that they can concentrate their efforts on ensuring that our recruiting program remains a highly personalized one. … The experts at Enrollment Rx worked closely with our team to help us customize the application to our unique requirements, and now we are exploring options to expand our implementation of the Enrollment Rx system to other departments, such as financial aid.”

– Director of Admissions – Coker University (Hartsville, SC)