The Vision of Digital Intelligence for Postgraduate Education: Improving both Student Experience and Administrative Ease

August 9, 2017
Higher Education environments have much in common with other areas of enterprise as leadership struggles under pressure for continuous change while simultaneously meeting the daily needs of students, clients, or customers. This white paper merges practical and hard-earned experience in large scale higher education (HE), online delivery, and the development of technology for postgraduate professional development with current wisdom from some of the biggest consultants across other industries. The concepts of digital intelligence and agile development did not start in the field of higher education, but they are considered here in that realm, specifically as they aid Postgraduate Studies (PGS). This whitepaper examines three overarching problems that overlap on a daily basis in every PGS we know and will discuss digital intelligence and agile development as conceptual models and ask if, taken together, they are useful to be considered as a basis for evidence-based, strategic change management. Finally, we put forward potential first steps towards building an array of tools that not only immediately improve teaching and learning but also subsequently give the answers needed to move towards building student centered improvements to scale.

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