"We need to embrace communications processes that conform to each student's unique characteristics.  Doing so requires a flexible and intuitive communications platform, which we have found in Enrollment Rx and salesforce.com."

Chief Information Officer - Allegheny College
Meadville, PA


"Enrollment Rx's philosophy of 'bring your own preferences' aligns well with that, giving us a reliable CRM that also allows us to innovate and experiment with new approaches and tools."

Assistant Director of Administrative Services - Allegheny College
Meadville, PA


"We were impressed with Enrollment Rx's understanding of our business and their level of engagement to help us achieve our goals of simplifying the admissions process, creating an amazing student experience and helping our staff be more efficient.  Based on Enrollment Rx's extensive work with higher education clients, they are true content experts about how admissions people work and think. Flexibility is critical.  We didn't want to be in contract with a system that is static the minute you roll it out. Enrollment Rx knows what modern software should look like and they've built a cloud-based CRM solution that provides the flexibility and quality user experience that outshine so many clunky, out-of-date solutions available today."

Director of Graduate Admissions - Babson College's F. W. Olin Graduate School of Business
Wellesley, MA


"Enrollment Rx has allowed our staff to work smarter, not harder, which means that they can concentrate their efforts on ensuring that our recruiting program remains a highly personalized one.  We've never had this many applications at this point in the cycle in the history of the school.  The experts at Enrollment Rx worked closely with our team to help us customize the application to our unique requirements, and now we are exploring options to expand our implementation of the Enrollment Rx system to other departments, such as financial aid."

Director of Admissions - Coker College
Hartsville, SC


“Due to the compartmentalized nature of our old admissions SIS system, our ability to quickly and accurately generate reports was a real problem for us.  We also had no ability to manage the relationships of our prospective students beyond simply entering our prospects into a database.  We have experienced an immediate and drastic improvement in our ability to track, manage, and improve our relationships with prospective students and other stakeholders."

Executive Director of Enrollment and Outreach Services - Cowley College
Arkansas City, KS


"Most products of this caliber are designed for big schools and are extraordinarily expensive. StuTrax is designed to be flexible, so it serves our existing processes without added costs for customization.  Even better, our hardware costs were close to zero and we avoided the need to expand our IT staff around the new solution."

Chancellor - Hebrew Theological College
Skokie, IL


"We've been impressed with the guidance that Enrollment Rx has provided us during the implementation.  We believe Enrollment Rx is a powerful tool that will provide our students with a more personalized, high-touch experience tailored to their needs and interests."

Vice President of Enrollment Management - Lasell College
Newton, MA


"By capturing all relevant student data and any interaction during the enrollment cycle, Enrollment Rx creates a powerful student record that we can take from recruitment to alumnus.  Additionally, since it's a cloud-based system, we have a lot less to worry about from an IT perspective, including back-up, disaster recovery and connectivity with other systems."

Chief Information Officer - Lasell College
Newton, MA


"Having an effective CRM solution allows us to create the full loop and see the lifecycle of a student during the admission process.  Having access to the complete student history will be immeasurably valuable as we move forward in making better informed business decisions."

Associate Director of MBA Admissions - Michigan State University's Eli Broad Graduate School of Management
East Lansing, MI


"We have a very diverse stream of prospective students and a CRM system is essential for tracking our relationships with them, according to their unique needs.  It also helps us understand the effectiveness of our marketing investments, and down the line, tracks our students' success. We chose Enrollment Rx...because of their combined experience in the complex higher-education market, and their track record of helping institutions like ours implement successful CRM solutions."

Vice President of Marketing and Communications - National Louis University
Chicago, IL


“Enrollment Rx brings a new level of efficiency to our office, enabling our staff to communicate with prospective students in a well thought out way.  We were impressed with Enrollment Rx’s training, and their stellar references made it clear that Enrollment Rx delivers a trusted CRM solution that colleges and universities rely on for improved recruitment, enrollment, and student relationship management."

Director of Admissions - Northwestern Health Sciences University
Bloomington, MN


"Other solutions we evaluated were outrageously expensive, had clunky user interfaces and limited our integration options.  Enrollment Rx serves as one window into the admissions process, eliminating the need to bounce between different systems and providing a much better way to perform analytics and tracking.  Along with boosting productivity, the cloud CRM solution enables us to devote more resources to the student, and not bog down IT with maintenance, upgrades and support.  Enrollment Rx allowed us to customize the platform to fit our business needs - a feature difficult to come by in CRM solutions.  This allowed us to implement it with a shorter rollout window and less retraining of our staff.  Our call center reps are so excited about using Enrollment Rx since it is so easy to use."

Chief Information Officer - Ross Education
Grand Rapids, MI


"High-touch is an important differentiation in today’s higher-ed marketing, and our CSO, CTO and CIO applicants expect the best.  With the Force.com resources behind the technology, Enrollment Rx supports our philosophy of continuous improvement and ensures we'll always have the most innovative, relevant tools to advance our student relationship management processes.  The sweet spot of the cloud is that you get the best practices of the big boys at a reasonable cost.  Not only does Enrollment Rx deliver a solid product on a leading cloud platform, but their client service and sense of urgency is uncommonly refreshing."

Chancellor & Chief Operating Officer - SANS Technology Institute
Bethesda, MD


"Other companies like Datatel and SunGard all strive to provide cloud-based systems, but they're not true cloud offerings.  Designed on the cloud, Enrollment Rx is highly evolved software that is much more agile than other solutions. Force.com integrates with just about everything and is used by industry giants for critical real-time applications that keep businesses profitable, so there’s no question we're in good company.  I'm energized by this whole process." 

CIO & Director of Electronic Marketing - United Theological Seminary
Trotwood, OH

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