Student Life-Cycle Solutions

How are we different from other CRM providers?

Traditional CRM products are often siloed, cumbersome, and a drain on resources.  They only cater to a single type of constituent, with limited capacity to manage other types of relationships.

At Enrollment Rx, we define CRM differently.

We believe that a true CRM system is one that sustains relationship management throughout the entire student lifecycle. 

We deliver solutions capable of supporting any relationship type, with tools and functionality built for tracking interactions across multiple departments – from first inquiry through last donation – and all of the touch-points in between.

With Enrollment Rx’s CRM solutions, you can: 

  • Increase efficiencies by streamlining operations and bridging fragmented processes, data and departments 

  • Integrate with legacy systems, modern cloud-based apps and mobile delivery platforms

  • Future-proof operations for tomorrow and continue to innovate when new devices, applications, or business processes are introduced

  • Adapt CRM around your existing business processes; innovate where needed

  • Collaborate in new ways to free up time for high-value constituent engagement

Enrollment Rx solutions improve relationship management by automating processes and providing transparency across the entire student lifecycle for a 360 degree view into constituent activity.


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