Enrollment Rx

Enrollment Management in the Cloud

Enrollment Rx’s higher education CRM redefines enrollment management with powerful workflow, activities, and communication functionality to supercharge processes and streamline operations. It automates communications, minimizes laborious activities and maximizes visibility into the student lifecycle to help you effectively manage marketing, recruitment, admissions and enrollment processes. Our enrollment software allows you to:

  • Manage your prospect pool with configurable pipelines, lead assignment rules, and communication plans.

  • Gain full transparency into your enrollment funnel with dashboards, reports and analytics.

  • Deliver a Custom Applicant Portal for prospects to apply online in a dynamic and branded environment with real-time access to their application status and requirements.

  • Employ comprehensive Event Management tools with intuitive website features that allow attendees to register online.

  • Use our Counselor Appointment Management component that allows prospective students to self-register for counselor appointments.

  • Manage recruitment schools’ relationships, including powerful high school and feeder-corporation tracking functionality.


Events Rx 

Events Management Tool Built for Salesforce

Managing student events can be a time consuming and cumbersome process without the right tools. More importantly, your online event management tools all speak to the student’s first impression of your institution and have a direct impact on your campus visit and yield rates.

Enrollment Rx recognizes the importance and value of having an easy-to-use, mobile friendly event management tool as part of your Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) solution. Built on the Salesforce cloud computing platform, the Events Rx tool maximizes your ability to manage events, track invitations, registrations, and student visits.

Product Key Features

  • Drag and drop configuration of event registration web pages

  • Campus visit itinerary builder

  • Email and print visitor itineraries

  • An intuitive calendar to schedule and manage visit days and their activities

  • QR codes for event check-in

  • Customized messaging

  • Event waitlist functionality

  • Lightning ready and mobile friendly


Import Rx 

Import Tool Built for Salesforce

The old fashioned way of importing data into Salesforce is cumbersome and requires multiple steps. Administrators are forced to import each target object’s data separately, requiring them to perform the following process multiple times:

  • Import data into the first object (e.g. leads, accounts, contacts, etc.) THEN…

  • Extract the record IDs THEN….

  • Perform a “VLOOKUP” to prepare the next related file before it is ready to import THEN…

  • Repeat the process for the next related object

With the Enrollment Rx Import Rx tool the painful multi-step import problem is solved!

Product Key Features

Configure Import Rx only one time, using drag-and-drop capabilities to map your source data into any collection of related Salesforce objects.

  • Easily import, update, and upsert data across multiple objects as one process

  • Create/save field mapping templates for specific vendors (e.g., ACT, SAT, Common App, GMASS, GRE, Medical and Law School Applications, etc.)

  • Create and define data transformations as part of any import process

  • Reduce data duplication with configurable rules and fuzzy logic

  • Compatible with any standard or custom object

  • 100% native to Salesforce


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