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How long does it take to implement Enrollment Rx?

While projects vary in complexity and scope, Enrollment Rx typically requires 3 to 6 months to complete each deployment.

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Can Enrollment Rx support event management?

Absolutely.  Enrollment Rx includes a robust event management component that allows our clients to easily spin-off event registration web pages that can be modified on the fly, and allow attendees to sign-up for events online.  Confirmation emails can be generated to support any type of communication required.  Additionally robust conversion rates and success reports can be created to analyze the effectiveness of individual events, visits, and recruiting activities, broken down by factors such as territory, state, etc.  Finally, the event management functionality can be exposed via a calendar which can be accessed publicly through your website, or from within an applicant portal environment.

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Can Enrollment Rx support multi-channel communications?

The Enrollment Rx platform supports multi-channel communications including: email, print, phone, text, and social media integration.  Any data field in the system can be used within the templates to support personalized messages.  Communications can be automated, based on our client’s requirements, and can be edited ad hoc.  Communication templates are built via an intuitive WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) user interface. 

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Can a prospective student apply online and see the status of their application in real-time?

Yes.  Through the custom built Prospect Portal, applicants to can see the status of their application in real-time. At Enrollment Rx we pride ourselves on our adept ability to build dynamic constituent portals on the Salesforce platform.  Our custom-built portals provide constituents with access to individualized portal experiences tailored to their needs.  The portal can enable anyone to access, manage and advance themselves – from first inquiry through last donation – while interacting with the various departments that support the student lifecycle.  

The Enrollment Rx portal becomes an extension of a school’s brand, empowering prospects, students, alumni, and other constituents with the ability to manage and advance themselves through various processes.

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Does Enrollment Rx provide upgrades?

Yes.  Enrollment Rx is continuously building new features and enhancements for our Higher Ed app. Our clients need only to upgrade to the most recent version of the Enrollment Rx app to gain access to these updates.  Our clients can elect to upgrade to the new version of Enrollment Rx at an appropriate time, whenever most convenient for them.

In addition to the Higher Ed CRM specific upgrades that are delivered from Enrollment Rx, the Salesforce platform is also upgraded about 3 times per year. 

The Upgrades Don’t Break Your Customizations

Salesforce.com has solved a very challenging problem: providing seamless upgrades, where all customizations keep working, changes to the user experience are based on when users opt-in to new capabilities, and even custom code keeps working, whether it’s written by the customer or by third parties.

It’s an IT professional’s dream: you no longer have to balance the desire to upgrade and take advantage of new features with the time and costs required to deploy software, re-do previous customization and integration work, and train users on the new version.

The Upgrades Don't Break Your Integrations

Because of the requirement for seamless upgrades, the multitenant service must maintain backwards compatibility with the API used for integration.  You only have to integrate with the service once, and that integration will keep running—even as salesforce.com upgrades the platform.

Rapid Innovation

Because salesforce.com can deliver new capabilities without impacting your deployment, the days of 18-month (or 5-year) release cycles are over.  Instead, salesforce.com can deliver new capabilities three to four times each year, and you choose when to adopt these new capabilities simply by opting-in.

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Can the system be administered by a non-technical person?

Yes.  Enrollment Rx, together with the Salesforce platform, delivers an extremely intuitive CRM solution that can be managed by non-technical administrators.  Our platform embraces the concept of “clicks-not-code” and empowers users to create fields, objects, workflows, reports, dashboards, and other customization in a simple and user-friendly format.  

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Does Enrollment Rx include Reports and Dashboards?

The Salesforce platform contains the most intuitive and easy-to-use reporting engine in the market.  End-users are empowered to make custom reports through a “drag-and-drop” user interface. 

The platform supports intuitive filter logic and empowers non-technical end users with the ability to create custom dashboards, reports, and pipelines to fit any criteria. Our users do not need to be trained SQL administrators, but rather can use basic terms and drop-down menu operators to support an endless array of communication expressions.

In addition to over 80 reports that Enrollment Rx delivers out-of-the-box for Higher Education, we configure any custom reports that may be required by each client during the implementation. 

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Where is the data stored?

Enrollment Rx is built completely on the Salesforce platform.  All of the data is stored on salesforce.com’s world-class infrastructure.  Please see www.trust.salesforce.com for further information.

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How many concurrent users can be on the system?

Enrollment Rx and salesforce.com deliver our respective solutions on a “per user” basis.  There are virtually no limits to the amount of users that can access the platform, and our customers experience no performance degradation, even when all of the users are logged-in.  

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Are there any data storage limitations on the system?

Each instance of Salesforce includes a standard amount of data and file storage, depending on the number of licensed users.  If needed, customers can purchase additional storage for a nominal fee.  Please feel free to contact us for further information.  

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Does Enrollment Rx support “Bring-your-own-device” (BYOD)?

Yes.  Because Enrollment Rx is built entirely on the Salesforce platform, we can support any type of device and operating system.  Our solutions work on a Mac or PC, and can operate on any browser including: IE, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.  Additionally, the platform supports most smartphone and tablet devices, as it is built on HTML5 technology.

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What is cloud computing? And what is the False Cloud?

“We need to beware of the false cloud, because the false cloud is not efficient! It is not democratic! It is not economical!  It is not environmental! It is not the future!” 

Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO, salesforce.com

The term “cloud-computing” is poorly defined in the technology space.  Of course it means that there is no hardware on the client side to maintain and support.  Our customers do not need to worry about purchasing and upgrading servers and infrastructure on their own campuses to power our CRM. The entire system is hosted on the salesforce.com infrastructure, which offers unrivaled availability (99.9% up-time) with tremendous security, redundancy and disaster recovery plans in place. 

However, BEWARE THE FALSE CLOUD.  Just because a vendor claims to be able to host their product remotely, it does not mean that they are delivering a true cloud solution.  The real cloud requires so much more.

The real cloud empowers clients and end users to make their own customizations and configurations on the fly, without even needing the vendor to support them.  The real cloud empowers end users to create their own reports, dashboard, fields, objects, workflows, communication templates etc. with “clicks not code”.  The real cloud can be seamlessly upgraded without breaking any custom integration with your student information system.  The real cloud is democratic, meaning it can be used by both large institutions and small schools, supporting undergraduate, graduate, continuing education programs across various types of organizations. 



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Data Quality

How do you prevent duplicate data in the CRM?

Data quality is of paramount importance to all of our customers.  In addition to the powerful tools available natively on the Salesforce platform, Enrollment Rx also encourages our clients to leverage the world-class data quality apps available on the appexchange, particularly CRM Fusion’s suite of data quality tools (http://www.crmfusion.com).

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Does Enrollment Rx integrate with our Student Information System?

You bet!  Almost every one of our clients needs to integrate the CRM with their student information system in some capacity.  Enrollment Rx has successfully integrated our system with all of the leading SIS products in the market including:

  • Ellucian (both Banner and Datatel products)

  • Peoplesoft

  • CampusVue

  • Jenzabar

  • And many more….

We typically employ 3 main methods of integration:

  1. Import/Export on a scheduled basis leveraging native datatools.

  2. Leveraging the salesforce.com API

  3. Bidirectional middleware integration

We are happy to discuss the various integration options and determine which is the best fit for your institution’s needs.

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Can we migrate our legacy data into the new CRM system?

Yes.  As part of most implementation projects, Enrollment Rx will work with your team to migrate any legacy data into the new system.

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Does Enrollment Rx integrate with Outlook and Google apps?

Absolutely.  In addition to the native integration available on the Salesforce platform, additional 3rd party apps are available on the AppExchange.

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Does Enrollment Rx integrate with our lead vendors?

Yes.  Enrollment Rx includes several mapping files for external lists to expedite the import/upsert/update process.  See chart of sample imports included:


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