Why Choose Enrollment Rx?

We know that when it comes to the salesforce.com platform, schools are faced with many choices about how best to implement the platform. 

Partner with Enrollment Rx

At Enrollment Rx, we focus exclusively on Salesforce for higher education. We bring seasoned insight and Salesforce experience to every deployment, with knowledgeable consultants that come from the higher education sector.

Our approach is different from traditional Salesforce consultants. Our clients are NOT forced to reinvent the wheel and deploy Salesforce from scratch. Rather, with a mouse-click, Enrollment Rx can deliver you our solution as a pre-built package already infused with extensive higher education functionality to get you up and running quickly.

By drawing on our well-constructed object model and toolkit, we provide the foundation for your school to benefit from our extensive experience working with institutions of all types and sizes. Your team will enjoy an accelerated implementation with the confidence that the platform will scale and support your school’s CRM needs for years to come.

And while we deliver a high-functioning solution set out of the box, we do not compromise your ability to customize and configure the Salesforce platform to any unique specifications.

In addition to an accelerated implementation, Enrollment Rx regularly delivers enhancements and upgrades to our package. Our development team incorporates new features that are often inspired by the ongoing collaboration with our extensive higher education client base, which in turn are made available to all. We continue to be an integral member of your CRM team for the life of the contract, acting as a dedicated expert for your CRM needs.

For Those Considering Hiring a Salesforce Consulting Firm

The salesforce.com community is filled with thousands of consulting partners that are willing to configure Salesforce for any industry. Of course, not all industries face the same obstacles.

As we all know, higher education faces many unique challenges that are not seen in traditional business sectors. All too often, Enrollment Rx encounters clients that have hired a Salesforce consulting shop to implement the platform, but the consultants assigned to the project may not have had enough experience in the higher education space. Clients find themselves frustrated, forced to educate the consultants on the particular intricacies of higher education, only to find that the architectural choices made during the deployment turn out to be poor decisions over the long-run.

It takes a practiced and experienced approach to blend the needs of higher education with the Salesforce technology. It is critical to have a comprehensive understanding of the pitfalls that commonly make their way into a higher education CRM deployment.

For Those Considering Self-Implementing the Salesforce Platform

Salesforce is undoubtedly the most user-friendly, intuitive platform in the world.

But if a school chooses to self-implement, it is important to consider the following. The project will require valuable internal resources, ideally including certified Salesforce Developers, with a healthy knowledge of the platform. The project team would need to determine the school’s requirements and configure Salesforce to accommodate those specifications as closely as possible. During this critical stage, important architectural choices and functionality decisions are made that will have long-term effects on the usage of CRM. Additionally, responsibilities for maintaining future enhancements, development, and support of the CRM system will then fall on the internal system administrators on an ongoing basis.

While many schools may choose to initially self-implement the platform, it is not uncommon for higher education institutions to ultimately find themselves dissatisfied with a self-deployment, having failed to maximize the full potential of Salesforce.

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