Saint Louis University Replaces Recruitment PLUS with Enrollment Rx

Enrollment Rx Cloud-based CRM To Streamline Admissions, Reduce Man Hours and Improve Customer Service to Students and Prospects

January 16, 2013 - Enrollment Rx, an innovator of cloud-based Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) solutions for academic institutions, today announced that Saint Louis University selected Enrollment Rx to replace Recruitment Plus, which will no longer be supported by the College Board as of October 2013. Enrollment Rx CRM will integrate with Sunguard BANNER to close the loop on the student information lifecycle. By streamlining admissions for undergraduate domestic and international students, Enrollment Rx will help the university reduce man hours spent on admissions processes, enhance recruitment efforts and improve customer service to students and prospects.
Saint Louis University has more than 8,100 undergraduates and 5,100 graduate students from all 50 states and nearly 80 foreign countries. Following a comprehensive search for a new CRM solution, the University selected Enrollment Rx's cloud application. In addition to the entire admissions staff, the Dean's offices for the university's colleges and schools will use Enrollment Rx to access data for committee decisions and support recruitment programs. They are currently in the implementation phase and will go live in January 2013.
"The Enrollment Rx team has worked closely with us to fine tune our processes so that we'll see the results we want," said Jean Marie Gilman, dean of admission, Saint Louis University. "We expect to significantly cut the time staff spends on manual tasks and provide a cleaner system with error-free data."
According to Gilman, Enrollment Rx not only replicates Recruitment Plus capabilities, but also provides additional functionality that provides a seamless flow of data. This includes:
  • Automated processes and dashboard - instead of relying on plug-ins to manually import data into the CRM, Enrollment Rx automates recruitment and admissions data collection, while the dashboard system allows staff to view this data in new ways.
  • Integrated forms - with Enrollment Rx, staff can create templated forms directly in the system and automatically populate them with data, reducing errors and eliminating the need to manually feed data from multiple solutions into the CRM.
  • Student portal - Enrollment Rx's online portal allows students to easily track the status of their application and all supporting material such as transcript and test scores. This reduces counselors' time spent responding to inquiries via phone or email.
  • Mobile data access - users can easily log in to the cloud-based application via their iPad, iPhone or other mobile device during off-site events. With instant access to data, counselors can address questions on the spot.
"The discontinuation of Recruitment Plus is an opportunity for many of these higher education institutions, opening the door for them to take advantage of cloud technologies," said Lawrence Levy, president of Enrollment Rx. "By making data accessible in new ways and simplifying how people do their jobs, Enrollment Rx offers an ideal solution to modernize recruitment and admissions in a way that meets the mobile and social expectations of today's applicants, students and university staff."
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