Beware the False Cloud

“We need to beware of the false cloud, because the false cloud is not efficient! It is not democratic! It is not economical! It is not environmental! It is not the future!”

Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO,


The term “cloud computing” is poorly defined in the technology space.  To begin with, of course cloud computing means that there is no hardware on the client side to maintain and support.  Our customers do not need to worry about purchasing and upgrading servers and infrastructure on their own campuses to power our CRM. At Enrollment Rx, our entire solution is hosted on the infrastructure, which offers unrivaled availability (99.9% up-time) with tremendous security, redundancy and disaster recovery plans in place. 

However, BEWARE THE FALSE CLOUD.  Just because a vendor claims to be able to host their product remotely, it does not mean that they are delivering a true cloud solution.  The real cloud delivers so much more:

  • The real cloud empowers clients and end users to make their own customizations and configurations on the fly, without having to depend on the vendor for every change.

  • The real cloud empowers end users to create their own reports, dashboard, fields, objects, workflows, communication templates etc. with “clicks not code”.

  • The real cloud is seamlessly upgraded without breaking any custom functionality or integration with your student information system.

  • The real cloud is democratic, meaning it is deployed at large institutions but is still affordable for small schools, and supports undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education programs across various types of organizations.  

  • The real could encourages "Bring-Your-Own-Device" (BYOD).  It works on any device, operating system, browser, smartphone, and tablet. 

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