Cowley County Community College Case Study

August 1, 2010 04:59 PM

Cowley College Moves Enrollment Management to the Cloud

Cowley College selected Enrollment Rx to provide a robust CRM solution for Enrollment Management. Prior to Enrollment Rx, Cowley County Community College was utilizing their existing Student Information System (SIS) to manage all prospective student data, communications, and activities. Ben Schears, Executive Director of Enrollment and Outreach Services at Cowley College provides the following details:
Please provide some background on the legacy Student Information System (SIS)
  • Old DOS style legacy student information system.

  • Cumbersome to run reports.

  • Can’t track information on prospective students.

  • One programmer to service needs of whole campus so adding fields is a waiting game.

Why did Cowley College need a CRM system for Enrollment Management?
  • Needed a way to manage our relationships with our prospective students.

  • Ability to track our contacts with prospects.

  • Determine the effectiveness of individual campus events, high school visits, fairs, etc.

  • To see, for the first time, our admissions funnel and know success of our recruitment efforts.

  • To get a feel, also for the first time, of our return on investment.

Why did Cowley College select a cloud-based CRM system?

  • We’re a smaller college and needed a solution that would meet (and hopefully exceed) our needs but not cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • Our tech department also was reluctant to purchase additional servers and have more technology to support.

  • Updates are all done by Enrollment Rx and Salesforce.

  • Short implementation time.

What immediate benefits have you seen from implementing a cloud based Enrollment Management CRM?
  • It’s cut our reporting time down by roughly 75% because we can pull most of the information we need for our board of 

  • Trustees report directly from the Enrollment Rx dashboard when we log in.

  • We can now manage relationships with students, note information about when we contacted them last, when we need to again, where they are in their process to becoming a Cowley student.

How else can Enrollment Rx’s CRM be applied to your institution?
  • Housing is an area we’re exploring.

  • Scholarship office, since scholarships are used as a recruitment tool for prospecting.



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